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Are clients receiving the best possible value for their money and effort from your billing procedures? Are you employing the newest technologies to do away with hiring and educating billing team members? If your answer is no, you should outsource physician billing services to a reputable billing partner like us. We understand that physicians spend years honing the skills required to start and run their practice and also devote their resources in managing their practice's commercial operations, including appointment scheduling, billing, insurance filing, accounts payable, and managing medical staff. Managing business activities while providing high-quality care can be quite difficult. Additionally, as a result of altering physician revenue cycle management regulations, physicians may endure financial hardship (RCM). Aligning financial policies is perhaps most difficult for physicians and that’s where a we jump in to help you with maintaining your organization’s financial health.

Professional Billing

Physician Billing Services

  • Medical Billing: Our teams excel in completing the billing processes with respect to updated billing guidelines and rules.
  • Medical Coding: Coding teams at QWay are certified with the industry specific domains and procedures to be followed. ICD and CMS guidelines are closely met with.
  • Physician Credentialing: Credentialing is important for providers to be eligible to provide patient care and get the claims reimbursement. We offer credentialing services for physicians and continue with the maintenance of credentialing information by adding staffing resources and creating a sustainable workflow.
  • A/R Management: The complicated nature of A/R management due to ever evolving plans and guidelines creates a block in the revenue flow of the organization. Our teams do an in-depth research on the accounts to determine the right follow-up strategy.
  • Claims Settlement: Unpaid claims have to be treated with utmost accuracy and precision for better payment processing. Our teams follow benchmarked procedures for quick addressal of the reimbursements.

How can you choose the right physician billing partner for your organization?

  • To choose the right physician billing services you should determine the scope of offering and the needs of your organization to be fulfilled.
  • Physician billing services involve identifying the practice’s needs and formulating solutions in accordance with the guidelines issued by the governing bodies.
  • Research for excellent physician billing services providers includes factors such as transparent pricing, customer support, and cost-effective solutions aiding in hassle-free claims submission.
  • Evaluation of services provided is important to see if the needs specified are fulfilled. The service should meet the guidelines and industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements.
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Why Choose Qway for Professional Billing Services?

  • Emphasis on reducing lead time and processing of clean claims
  • Customized solutions according to needs
  • Dedicated A/R teams for revenue optimization
  • Fully complaint with coding and billing guidelines

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