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Are you facing challenges with non conformity of charges and coding professionals? We know how daunting it can be when updating charges and codes for every medical procedure for filing a successful claim. This specific area in medical billing is updated constantly and our teams stay ahead of competitors when it comes to implementing these changes in codes and charges in our Demo and Charge entry process services.

We place a lot of emphasis on achieving our objective of getting things right the first time, and our staff works tirelessly to raise the bar and set higher benchmarks for the first-pass rate of claims. Since charging determines the actual remuneration of the healthcare practitioner for the service rendered, it requires for specific expertise and an eye for precision and perfection.

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Charge Entry Services We Offer:

  • Billing data capture: Our teams offer capturing data with precision and in line with industry rules thereby helping with error free claims and lesser instances of denials.
  • Comparison and Mapping of Physician Charge: ¬†Physician charges are compared with the pre-determined fee schedule according to a specific set of patient account rules.
  • Capture patient demographic data: We ensure that the patient demographic data is accurate in order to prevent the revenue leakage from your organisation.
  • Auditing: The invoices and documents will be quality-checked, allowing you to safeguard guaranteed value through reimbursements. Before the document is transmitted, the charge entry is closely audited to identify possible shortfalls and solidify them.
  • Claim submission: After verification documents will be submitted ensuring compliance of CPT, HCPCS, and ICD codes. Following this the error free billing will be executed and claims will be submitted to insurance companies.
Why Choose QWay for Demo and Charge Entry Services?
  • Quality and audit check
  • Claims must be filed on time.
  • Implementing the most recent and up-to-date software technology
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Lower denial rates

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