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QWay Healthcare strategically leads your revenue cycle with collaborative processes designed to deliver the best.


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QWay Healthcare draws expertise from its multi-stint projects as healthcare service providers in the United States. Our experts utilize the best technologies and practices to configure customized solutions according to customer needs.

Our Process & Procedure

Identification and Review
We strive to deliver the best by formulating a well-designed strategy in alignment with your organization's goals after a thorough analysis of the existing processes.


Our sales experts work towards understanding your requirements on varied subject domains and address your queries with possible outcomes of the action plan to be followed according to your service needs.

Strategic framework:

Our subject matter experts will schedule calls to discuss the strategic framework, plan of action, and SOPs and align them according to the goals discovered during the initial discussions. Determining SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) will be vital in compiling the project charter.                

Scanning and Review:

The organization's current workflow processes, technological inclinations, revenue cycle operations, team member distribution, and other practices will be deeply scanned and reviewed to suggest better and improved processes.


Customized solutions and strategies
Our expert panel rolls up its sleeves to dig deep into identifying the existing challenges in the workflow, aligning the requirements with expected strategic moves, and devising customized strategic frameworks to realize the set targets.

Requirements and strategy alignment:

The scope of design operations will be defined after listing out the factors to be integrated and solutions to be configured according to the current scenario. Current performance analysis challenges mapping and elimination, and planning a new set of moves will be carried out to meet the benchmarks goals.

Design Review and Development:

Both sides will review the proposed path, and a common consensus will be achieved before taking the development plunge. Key stakeholders will have an active say in the development, implementation, and risk analysis per the discussed design.


The design team will take steps to implement the plan's deployment, keep track of progress, measure the outcomes with set principles, and work toward risk mitigation. Necessary modifications will be made as and when required in due course.

Reporting and Optimizing

Insights and performance updates form an integral part of the revenue cycle processes, and our team commits to the end-to-end implementation of the offered solutions.

Processes Optimization

A dedicated manager manages your account and provides you with daily volume tracking, completion reports, and clarification logs. Executive summary reports and monthly business review meetings with achieved and in-progress metrics will be presented to the key stakeholders.

Delivering Excellence

Our business teams work towards enhancing our clients' revenue and operation efficiency and replicating successful business models between departments and clients, thus ensuring a mutual and beneficial outcome.

Increase in accuracy


A leading healthcare community centre with 9 centres spread over Florida had challenges with inpatient (IP) coding. This health system sees more than 1,20,000 inpatient discharges with annual revenue of over $8billion. Challenges faced were inconsistencies in IP coding with average accuracy rate of 90% - 94% and a weekly backlog of around 25% was there.

QWay Healthcare accelerated the filling of backlog by deploying seasoned coding expert teams and reduced it to 3% and came up with comprehensive accuracy achievement plan bringing it to 97%.

Collection Rate and Payment Result


A large scale healthcare facility in Texas with over 70+ years of being in the market spanning across 7 counties was facing healthcare billing staff shortage post-covid resulting in heavy backlog of revenue collection and pending claims.

The facility brought QWay healthcare on board where we redesigned the billing and collection processes. We took into account the insurance pre-authorization verification and patient eligibility benefits thereby resulting an improvement in collection rate and payment within 30 days.

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Technology Platforms

We have the expertise on the below systems and can work on any inhouse software that you use