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Are you also falling prey to inefficient processes and practices with high overhead costs for vision billing? A large revenue loss may happen if you fail to address the rising operational and administrative overheads leading to creating a big hole in your revenue bucket. To your rescue comes outsourcing the vision billing services to efficient and well laid service provider companies. Outsourcing with QWay Healthcare helps you with exercising domain specific leverage with expert led teams and certified professionals taking care of your operations while you devote to serving patient needs and delivering care. 

Vision Billing Services We Offer


●     Vision billing insurance verification

Accurate insurance verification is possible with our experts who are skilled and ensure if all the information is provided completely without any errors. This could possibly keep away from rejections and denials.

●     Coding services for vision billing

With two set of codes for vision billing, it’s not easy for providers to submit the claim. Our coding expertise will ensure to code according to the guidelines and payer rules to avoid other possible rejections.

●     Vision patient demographic entry

Not all the details provided will be correct. There will be few things missing out especially when it comes to crucial patient information. It’s essential to check and enter accurate demographic details before claim submission.

●     Vision charge entry

The team can provide Charge entry for the services by examining the procedures separately and assigning payments and costs liable for vision billing. We also ensure error-free charge entry process before submitting the claims.

●     Vision A/R follow up

For any claim to get paid regularly, frequent follow up with the claims is very essential. We do regular follow up with payers to know the status of our claim and resubmit within timely filing limits before revenue flow is interrupted.

●     Denial management for vision billing

Rejections and Denials cannot be predicted. They might occur for various reasons. But a perfect denial management team can keep your practice safe from such occurrence. We are one among them. We deal with denials to have a systematic flow of revenue.

Vision Billing Services  Process

  • With establishing the correct claim eligibility, all the records are entered into the systems for billing.
  • Data and claim filing is double checked and benefit calculations are undertaken.
  • Claims are submitted, claim status is intimated, and follow-ups are initiated till the claims are reimbursed.
  • Denied claims are re-adjudicated and re-submitted for approval and payment proceedings.


Why Choose QWay for Vision Billing Services?
  • Our processes and tools are equipped with state of the art technology to help you with revenue optimization.
  • Our industry expert led in-house teams excels in security and quality checks with strong set of work protocols.
  • Our services are industry standard compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard.
  • We prioritize data security because patient clinical data is private, and we have processes in place to make sure that our professionals uphold the privacy of the information and workflow.


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