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Dental billing complexities can get on your nerves, and low rates of dental reimbursements can hamper your organization’s revenue streams. Improper billing procedures and a lack of trained staff can pose severe challenges in dealing effectively with them. Outsourcing dental billing services with us will free you from the daunting task of billing and filling insurance claims and let you focus on effective patient care and coordination. Our streamlined operations ensure a healthy and consistent cash flow for your organization as we are keen on adapting to industry standards practices, quality audit controls, and timely initiation billing services.

Dental Billing Process We Follow

  • With establishing the correct claim eligibility, all the records are entered into the systems for billing.
  • Data and claim filing is double checked and benefit calculations are undertaken.
  • Claims are submitted, claim status is intimated, and follow-ups are initiated till the claims are reimbursed.
  • Denied claims are re-adjudicated and re-submitted for approval and payment proceedings

Dental Insurance Verification

We have a special team of expertise with required skills to accumulate accurate dental insurance services. We thoroughly ensure that the details provided are absolutely accurate and complete before processing the claims to prevent rejections and denials.

Dental Patient Demographic Entry

As patient demographic entry is crucial for dental billing, with utmost priority our team takes the responsibility of providing accurate Dental patient demographic entry. Patient files are maintained with all the important information of patient which includes contact information, insurance details and additional information.

Why outsource dental billing service to Qway?
  • Our processes and tools are equipped with state of the art technology to help you with revenue optimization.
  • Our industry expert led in-house teams excels in security and quality checks with strong set of work protocols.
  • Our services are  industry standard compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard.
  • We strictly adhere to non disclosure policies with regards to patient dental records, hospital reports, and patient information.

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