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Clearinghouse rejections or Payer and Front end Rejections are billing problems that slow down your cash flow. These are process errors and can be reduced to zero. Rejections occur due to one or many errors on the claim form and are returned back to the biller by the payer. Unlike Denied Claims, rejections occur due to errors like Incorrect Patient Information, Incorrect Provider Information, Incorrect Insurance Provider Information, Incorrect Codes, Mismatch and omission of codes, Undercoding, Upcoding and poor documentation. At QWay HealthCare, Payer and Front end Rejections are handled by staying updated, following due diligence, communicating adequately and aptly, and following through. We strictly audit all the important touchpoints to ensure that the claim is not returned due to clerical error.

Payer & Front End Rejections Process

  • Analysis and tracking of rejection reasons and preparing appeal letters for the rejected claims.
  • Track the status of the claims and follow up with the insurance companies.
  • Address the denial issues and prepare a fresh claim to initiate the refiling of the claim.
  • Do an in-depth research of the trends in denials and try reducing the causes to avoid repetitive instances.
  • Resolve the claim with a strong follow up plan in place and file appeals as needed.
payer front end rejections
Why you are choosing QWay for Payer & Front End Rejections services?


  • Our staff strives to reach the highest level of accuracy when it comes to sending a clean claim and gets down to meticulous checking of every detail on every claim form.
  • We remain updated and study new codes, stay vigilant to avoid trivial errors like misspellings and digit errors, coordinate with the payer company, and follow up with the representative who works on that claim.
  • We integrate with several healthcare clearinghouses to help streamline and automate your claims submissions and to make sure your claims are unambiguous and correct before they are sent to the payer.

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