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The issues that claim follow-up agents and billers have when handling workers' compensation claims are distinct and diverse. By making sure that the proper procedures established by the payers are followed, it can be considerably enhanced.

Due to the legal considerations, this process is fraught with difficulties, is constrained, and is subject to a number of restrictions and demands before it can be accepted, billed, and completed. Additionally, the rules vary from state to state, adding to the complexity of the process. Workers' compensation claims and billing appear to be a complicated, unpleasant procedure. The entire process is extremely particular and one-of-a-kind, down to the terminologies, forms, applications, and procedures.

Workers Compensation Billing Process

  • Verification of the case taken up by the insurance carrier is important with regards to details like employment and injury of the worker.
  • After the treatment and case approval, payment processing of the case and related data along with insurance details is thoroughly verified.
  • It is mandatory to raise the pre-authorization request for approved case to substantiate the treatment required by the patient and faster collection of bills.
  • Based on the medical reports obtained coding is carried out and checked thoroughly to ensure that it is as per the current and revised standards.
  • After reports and coding, bills are created and submitted for payments in the definite and timely manner.
  • If the bills are rejected due to certain reasons, they are reissued again after necessary corrections are made.
  • After the final submission of error-free bills, constant follow-up is carried out for payments release in the least possible time.

Benefits of Outsourcing Workers Compensation Billing Services

All the processes related to workers compensation billing services presents a confusing series of rules, guidelines, and specifications that seem to be implemented to ensure that claims are denied and suppliers are punished for subpar work.

When all is said and done, however, it can be a nightmare for providers because there are so many procedures and rules that must be strictly adhered to, as well as so many resources needed to operate the programme. The processing of all workers' compensation claims should be handed over to outsourcing companies that specialise in this highly specialised area of insurance.

Outsource Workers Compensation Billing Services to Qway


Many healthcare providers and billing companies faithfully create invoices and then stagger when it comes to follow-up because of the lack of technology, time and personnel to follow through. Our professionals have extensive experience in handling Workers Comp and No-Fault Follow-up as they are individuals who have worked in the insurance sector and in the healthcare sphere.

How do we cater to diverse requirements?

  • By using legal manoeuvring and state insurance policies to the advantage of the patient and the healthcare provider.
  • By utilizing all the information at the hospital available at the time of discharge and further supplement information to increase the chances of clearance
  • Deploying trained experts, professionals and an ‘in-house’ counsel that specializes in these claims.

We specialize in:

  • Inpatient/Outpatient Workers Compensation and Billing Follow up
  • Physicians Worker’s Compensation and No-fault billing and follow up.

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