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As an EHR company, you can focus on Product development and customer acquisition while we take care of your customer support. QWay HealthCare’s customer success team has professionals who have the required expertise in all the popular EHR software. Even if your software is new, we have a team who can quickly learn it and serve your clients. As EHR software works to keep EHR software companies and hospital practice productive, EHR customer support stays as a lifeline to assist in technical and other issues.


QWay HealthCare has the best Customer Success team which is aiding EHR software companies for almost 10 years with experts who are highly professional and customer ordinated expertise well trained and experienced for 5-6 years in the industry to focus on client’s necessities and requirements to get uttermost worth out of our platform and ease the work of EHR software companies.


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    What does QWay HealthCare EHR support do?

    We support EHR software companies with best solutions for their critical EHR software queries and understand the ways to halt such issues in future. To run a successful software performance and practice for hospitals, QWay EHR customer support extends its services with utmost priority. We think of different methods of solving an issue depending on its complexity.

    What makes us Unique?

    • We provide 24/7 EHR customer support especially for EHR software companies.
    • We follow quick turnaround time.
    • You can avail our services via phone, email, online chat.
    • We offer training for EHR customer support team.
    • We are skilled with good communication.
    • We are pioneers in RCM industry for 10 years.
    • We provide opportunity to have hassle free work and focus on development.
    • We understand clients better than vendors.
    Advantages of EHR customer support:

    • Understands issues and shares best solutions to EHR software companies and eliminates them.
    • It has a pro-active approach towards critical software issues.
    • Satisfies client’s experience with better customer service.
    • Focuses on converting problems to solutions.
    • Scaling up business becomes effortless.

    frequently asked questions on EHR Customer Support

    • What kind of support do clients get?

      EHR customer support helps to gather and learn most out of EHR. Healthcare professionals might need additional help in learning new features, to get started, or issues in software itself. Without EHR customer support it would cause great difficulty for practice to sustain in the market.

    • Will EHR customer support increase practice efficiency?

      Definitely! To improve efficiency of practice, EHR customer support is much needed. It increases the time for patient care and decreases time spent on EHR.

    • How does EHR customer support resolve Client's issue?

      Healthcare professionals or clients can contact customer care regarding their issues via phone, email and online chat. The team responds to queries and solves it depending on the complexity of the issue.

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