Top 6 Healthcare Technology Trends to learn in 2021

We very well know the changes healthcare industry had undergone in the recent years. Healthcare technology trends 2021 are more than what you expect. The changes include right from the fight against Global Pandemic to changes in Government policies. Healthcare industry is constantly going through changes in medical practices that are being updated, transformed and also innovated.

As healthcare organizations tend to adjust to new demands and resource requirements, insurance companies and healthcare professionals are seeking ways to reduce costs and increase care facilities. Healthcare Technology Trends 2021 will be marked by clinical care and digital operations along with advanced data analytics in real time.

Healthcare Technology Trends for the New Year will definitely affect complete healthcare sector including healthcare professionals, individual doctors, patients, scientists and majority insurance companies. Let’s look into top 6 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2021 in this article.

6 Healthcare Technology Trends for 2021:

  1. Artificial intelligence and Machine learning
  2. Wearable Technologies
  3. Data Security in Healthcare
  4. 5G Capabilities
  5. E-statements
  6. Improved Payment Options

1.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

  • Artificial intelligence is not a small topic. AI and machine learning is largely discussed around the world. Healthcare industry is stepping forward to reach the goals with the help of AI and machine learning technology.
  • It has become more sophisticated to allow healthcare professionals conduct wide-ranging research and analyze large data with complete accuracy.
  • Identification of the existing new diseases, diagnosis symptoms, and efficient and effective treatment ideas are possible with the use of AI and machine learning technologies.
  • From last decades scientists along with engineers are striving and working hard to design and develop complex AI programs to collect large data or information, learn from the reports and monitor global epidemics.
  • Machine learning can exactly aid healthcare professionals in processing big data and find solutions for specific treatments.
  • Data collection, data storage and data retrieving become more easy, faster and accurate with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • If current government regulations are followed within the boundaries, complex algorithm helps healthcare professionals or doctors to narrow down the symptoms and diagnose rare diseases that calculate the most effective treatment plan for every patient.

2.Wearable Technologies:

  • Wearable gadgets and technologies have increased recently and drastically. Almost 80% of population is said to have some wearable technology on them. They include smart watch, step counter and body monitor.
  • In the recent years most of the devices are combined into a single device. For instance, smart watches are developed as a replica of smart phones. They can do more than sending emails. Smart watches can count steps, monitor heart rate and more.
  • Biosensor patches are used to monitor temperature changes and fluctuations and alert healthcare professionals regarding changes in patient’s health.
  • Wearable technologies allow healthcare professionals to make use of collected data or information to create specialized and personalized treatment plans in order to monitor blood pressure.
  • Healthcare Technology Trends for 2021 will largely concentrate on wearable devices which creates smoother and safest path for healthcare professionals to facilitate and concentrate more on patients.

3.Data Security in Healthcare:

  • Data security in healthcare industry scrutinize the billing system and the process it holds to manage patients’ data or information with compliance.
  • It remains the top concern for both healthcare professionals as well as patients. It’s not new to understand insurance companies and healthcare organizations or hospitals for that matter, it stores large amount of data or information on internal networks.
  • Protecting the same data is a challenging task and the reason for advances in security technologies which acts very essential and important than ever before.
  • Meeting HIPAA guidelines is as essential while it acts as a regulatory baseline for healthcare organizations. Cyber security also offers data protection programs and verify compliance with accurate government policies and regulations.

4.5G Capabilities:

  • As known remote communities yet face challenges with low internet connections or secured networks.
  • Due to low connectivity, medical programs with vital data fail to reach patients staying in remote areas.
  • 5G capabilities have improved to make systems much feasible to purchase, maintain patients in inaccessible or remote areas which can benefit from Healthcare Technology Trends 2021.
  • Recent technology advancements have improved in the way intricate radiology images were sent to patients and research laboratories.
  • Data speed and quality is also crucial to accelerate diagnosis reports and get patients into treatment programs quickly.


  • Go paper free with electronic statements which can access through online portals and allow patients to view, review and moreover pay bills using devices.
  • Healthcare organizations and healthcare professionals can implement these online tools to improve patient responsibility and patient collection rates by also delivering a user friendly experience.
  • Upcoming Healthcare Technology Trends may include e-statements as primary method for delivering bills.

6.Improved Payment Methods:

  • A recent survey revealed that over half of the Americans pay their bills online and trends have created a surge in improved payment methods likely to be payment plans, text to pay options, online portals as well as mobile applications.
  • As healthcare industry is constantly evolving in the market place, innovative technologies are improving along with treatments and user friendly experience.
  • Patients get updated with current payment and Healthcare Technology Trends and develop healthy relationship with healthcare professionals.

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