Top 5 Medical Billing Trends for 2021

Don’t you think it’s a right time to be in revenue cycle business? What do you expect medical billing trends for 2021 to be? We must admit that last few years have been very overwhelming for healthcare professionals and medical billing companies due to loss of market share to giant archivists. Well, it’s essential to embrace changes, most importantly medical billing companies has to stick to significant value proposition and should encourage technology updates.

Opportunities in medical billing industry are vast. Challenges are no less to it. They all start right from falling reimbursements to increasing aggregators. Now that the days are tough outside, plenty of options and chances are on the plate! Medical billing companies are shape shifting its medical billing trends and some of them are brand new to the industry where few have been there for years.

Healthcare professionals must accept the fact that any change in healthcare industry first affects the revenue cycle management process. Few changes will definitely bring tremendous growth in the industry which could be witnessed for years.

Let’s see some of medical billing trends for 2021:

  1. Market size and technology trends
  2. Healthcare professionals are consolidating
  3. Cost Management and reducing revenue leakage
  4. Encouraging automation in medical billing
  5. Overcoming obstacles in growth

1.Market size and technology trends:

  • Medical billing trends for 2021 reveals that medical billing outsourcing market will be touching nearly $16.9 billion.
  • The multi-billion dollar consolidation invites many large business groups including healthcare software companies and other companies that serve healthcare industry one or the other way.
  • Keeping this apart, many companies have been adopting offshore business strategy directly or indirectly with the help of captive centers or partnerships.
  • Most of the healthcare professionals are ready to choose outsourcing their revenue cycle management services with the ability to manage and navigate the changes in healthcare revenue payment regulations, ability to hire and train office staff; also compliance problems are too risky besides operational factors.
  • Medical billing companies and healthcare professionals must seek for better investment options in creating scale and new technology differences like AI and RPA.

2.Healthcare professionals are Consolidating:

  • As patient engagement increases, healthcare professionals are merging themselves into larger healthcare organizations. They include physician groups, hospitals and healthcare systems.
  • This phenomenon enables comprehensive medical services besides gaining the scale to negotiate with better healthcare plans.
  • Along with this consolidation, healthcare professionals must observe the outsourcing model of larger entities that varies from traditional healthcare revenue cycle practice.
  • Strategies for successful medical billing companies can be looking back at their internal talent pool by also investing in high caliber resources and technologies that doesn’t require any upfront investments.

3.Cost Management and reducing revenue leakage:

  • While there is growth in patient responsibility, there will be an increase or growth in regulatory compliance.
  • Medical billing companies should take the responsibility to acquire capabilities of identifying and addressing revenue leakage.
  • By utilizing KPI, it creates and provides best ecosystem of performance which is also essential in revenue cycle management.
  • Medical billing trends for 2021 not only encourage collections service, but also strive to create strong path for revenue reimbursements.

4.Encouraging automation in Medical Billing:

  • Medical billing trends encourage automation where medical billing companies are convinced for being significantly automated.
  • With new generation robotic process automation technologies are paired with artificial intelligence and do hold a place in revenue cycle process.
  • Patient engagement and patient responsibility along with focus on patients will automatically increase when automation can carry all the manual tasks which can’t replace direct contact with patients.
  • Automation processes and software systems can emphasize patient interaction with healthcare professionals.
  • Patients do require assistance right from registration to payment. They are one of the largest medical billing payers creating a patient focus on revenue cycle.

5.Overcoming obstacles in growth:

  • As known cloud based software systems and RCM service providers have emerged rapidly along with fast growing companies in revenue cycle process.
  • Medical billing trends for 2021 reveal some names of companies those are synonymous with medical billing processes.
  • Well, when there can be no doubt in localized physician services medical billing companies offer, the change started with larger aggregators that has taken revenue cycle companies to greater risk.
  • While national level aggregators provide tough competition to regional medical billing providers, it means that healthcare professionals yet value personal touch as well as focused services rendered by regional medical billing companies.
  • Three strategies from medical billing trends for 2021 include, enhancing value proportion through personalized services and analytics.
  • By repositioning and building new portfolio and services.
  • By getting ready to invest in higher level resources.
  • By adopting automation and buckle up new level of platform functionalities.

Every healthcare organization’s main goal could be obviously, cost reduction, added services, and growth in national and local level.

Across the board, healthcare industry’s expenditure has been increasing gradually. As prices start to increase, the financial burden for patients also increases.

Medical billing trends for 2021 predict the rise of deductibles every year which forces patients to do more and pay out of their pockets.

Higher patient responsibility explains the high amount of money patients must pay out of their pockets.

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