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5 RCM Trends to Influence Healthcare Industry in 2021

When 2020 began, revenue cycle management clearly was in transition.  It had led to a rise in patients’ out of pocket expenditure and very poor debt write-offs. RCM trends for 2021 are going to be really promising for healthcare professionals who are looking for an opportunity to increase their financial base. The reasons were not transparent enough to conclude the reasons behind bad revenue reimbursements.

Just to get out of the situation most of the healthcare professionals started exploring technology solutions in healthcare which merely extend data-driven financial performance.

New Year 2021 is coming and obviously a new decade begins. Patients’ views do not remain the same. It changes with the majority expecting cost transparency and prioritizing patient care they receive. Like an add-on to it, insurance companies are more willing and interested than ever before to invest in inhibitory care.

However, these developments are coupled with challenges like increase in overhead expenses, necessity for specialized staffing, influencing healthcare practices in the next 12 months.

5 most significant RCM trends for 2021:

1.Data Mining will be outworn:

  • Until today, it has become very common for healthcare industry or healthcare technology companies to brag about big data and security.
  • In fact the total burden of separating the meaningful healthcare business intelligence completely moved on to healthcare professionals and hospitals.
  • Based on RCM trends 2021, it’s clear that advanced analytics technology which depends on artificial intelligence will combine huge data from separate systems to create a way for healthcare professionals to provide actionable intuition to the system.
  • In addition to it, third party vendors have realizes that tech-savvy healthcare practice executives will not have time for endless reports and finding out the changes to be made to perform positive financial as well as operational changes.
  • They have also realized the doubt in yielding better results for the changes they struggled in the first place.
  • Some vendors have taken a step forward by making offers with analytics consulting and technology to ensure that insights create a great impact on healthcare organizations or hospitals.
  • These third party vendors also provide insights on the process changes when has been most essential and effective in many healthcare practices.
  • Apparently, analytics based benchmarking tools reveal the ranks compared to its fellow workers on various financial key performance indicators right from denials to A/R days more than 30.
  • It also aids the administrative staff to redirect resources to the required areas.

2.Financial Clearance be at the top:

  • When patients are responsible for the huge amount of healthcare costs, medical practices must ensure to collect all patient payments on time, and that includes outstanding balances before services are rendered.
  • RCM trends for 2021 state that it becomes more critical and difficult to achieve a consistent and repeatable revenue clearance or pre-registration process.
  • The process involves all steps in medical practice, from the steps right before patient’s entry into the office to verifying all the demographic details, insurance verification and if pre certifications are in place.
  • Most importantly, patients must be aware of their financial responsibility and ability to pay for anticipated healthcare services.
  • Healthcare professionals or healthcare organizations can definitely add more potential before office visits so that they need not worry about revenue reimbursements later on.

3.Insurance Companies will be ready to invest in Preventive Care:

  • Healthcare professionals or hospitals who had worked with insurance companies for a very long time would be aware of time when insurance companies can cover anything irrelevant to acute medical necessities.
  • Early breast cancer screenings, telehealth consults and dietary counseling act as additional bonus. But study reveals that preventative approaches to population health means insurance companies or payers are getting better and smarter.
  • Healthier population is equal to fewer chances acquiring high dollar events that cost more. In future healthcare professionals must concentrate more on preventive care including screenings.

4.Automation Rules Billing Departments:

  • Since healthcare professionals always seek ways for cost reduction, automated technologies can obviously automate and streamline routine manual tasks.
  • For instance, workflow automation software will be able to analyze multiple outstanding claims which medical billers can’t figure it out to tackle in the first place.
  • This phenomenon eliminates the requirements for manual work lists and makes sure that the billing and collections team is encouraged and focused. It also stresses on the need for the account receivable teams to work regularly.
  • Another interesting feature would be the ability for workflow automation to monitor employees’ productivity and financial outcomes in order to understand top performers who would require more training.
  • RCM trends simultaneously reveal the demand for medical billing specialists to handle the rise in complex medical claims.
  • It’s recommended for healthcare professionals those who have very less access to highly skilled billing and coding experts, to consider outsourcing as better option.

5.Under Payments undergo Greater Scrutiny:

  • Healthcare professionals are supposed to be aware if they are getting paid and for what are they getting paid. These clarifications are frequent among healthcare professional groups. This could consume a lot of time and energy.
  • RCM trends 2021 suggests, to save time for RCM platforms and provide data required in order to be successful in their medical practice.
  • As medical groups enter 2021, patient care is given the topmost priority where healthcare organizations must take steps to improve their healthcare business and revenue payments.

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