Why Clinical Coding is important for Australian Revenue Cycle Management Companies?

How leverage can clinical coding be to increase the efficiency of revenue cycle management companies? The connection between coding accuracy and revenue flow is absolute with no doubt. If healthcare professionals are ready to invest in clinical coding, they must ensure if they have covered all the possibilities for revenue reimbursements.

It may not be easy for revenue cycle management companies or the healthcare professionals to obtain better revenue pay backs without best clinical coding experts. Errors could collapse the idea of getting paid from the insurance companies as healthcare professionals will have to confront with claim denials.

Here are certain ways to implement easy and cost effective clinical coding for better profits of healthcare professionals as well as revenue cycle management companies.

1.Coding for all long stay cases reviewed by medical coder:

  • Most of healthcare professionals and large healthcare organizations have encouraged the habit of appointing senior medical coder with a motive to review long stay and complex cases in clinical coding.
  • Allocation of senior coders happen when junior medical coders are compelled to complete the bulk of work load.
  • So, an expert to review those long stay cases is essential to concentrate on conditions that has delayed payments for many weeks and also in the cases where extra revenue generation takes place.

2.Better training sessions for Coding staff :

  • This one is more evident and speaks on its own. However upskilled coding expert team in revenue cycle management companies will result in accurate coding proficiency and develop coding performance by boosting revenue generation.
  • Must note that training coding staff includes education on clinical knowledge as well as ICD frame work. The staff must have better clinical knowledge in order to find the errors and recorrect the coding mistakes.
  • Medical or clinical coders are especially those who translate the diagnosis into codes and thus should possess clinical knowledge to have an understanding on the clinical content recorded by healthcare professionals.

3.Enable clinical coder communication and coding management:

  • Clinical coding queries are common and is a part of clinical coding as there is need for recorded entries to be properly clarified and neatly coded.
  • The communication link between the coders and the clinicians needs to be direct as it leads to accuracy in coding and helps in pursue timely results.
  • It’s essential to allow clinical coders to directly communicate and connect with clinicians for better understanding in work process and appropriate documentation.

4.Feedback to Clinical coders:

  • Even large healthcare organizations and professionals can easily fall into trap for claim denials and lose revenue for the services rendered to the patients.
  • Choosing a comprehensive approach towards healthcare organizations and management is essential to combat such situations.
  • Regular feedbacks to clinical coders helps in terms of their work will benefit revenue cycle management companies as well as healthcare organizations by impacting their performance and understanding their significance.

5.Join with clinical coders in hospital meetings:

  • Many healthcare organizations allow clinical coders in their meetings and are seen as integral part of medical practice.
  • Revenue cycle management companies’ clinical coding team will have knowledge on the pitfalls of coding process and practices, therefore will know a solution to resolve the issue and work for better reimbursements.

What is clinical coding?

  • Clinical coding in revenue cycle management companies of Australia is no different compared to other clinical coding process of other countries.
  • Clinical coding is a process that involves translation of written format of diagnosis into coding format.
  • For coding diagnosis many countries use ICD-10 ( International Classifications of Diseases, 10th edition).
  • But Australia uses the standardized codes those are defined in ICD-10 AM ( International Classifications of Diseases, 10th edition, Australian Modification).
  • Usually clinical coders analyze the diagnosis information and assign codes using classification systems. These classifications of coding are done according to their countries coding guidelines and standards.

What does Australian clinical coder do?

  • Clinical coders of revenue cycle management companies are responsible to assign appropriate codes for the diagnosis and procedures mentioned in medical records according to the clinical standards.
  • These codes assigned for the medical records are according to the classifications and standards of Australia.
  • Clinical coders required specialized skills and knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, process of disease and analytical skills in order to code with accuracy and standards.
  • In countries including Australia, the codes assigned and patient data are processed by equipped software systems designed to determine diagnosis and patient care.

Why is it important to outsource clinical coding?

  • Clinical coders are not available for every healthcare professional and for many years there’s a shortage of clinical coders full time.
  • Hiring experienced clinical coding team can be costly. So, outsourcing clinical coding to revenue cycle management companies can manage medical billing, coding and transcription services with accurate information and less errors.
  • Revenue cycle management companies will have expert teams with experience for years in work with advanced knowledge skills and attractive track record with healthcare organizations across multiple coding frame works.
  • Outsourcing clinical coding to revenue cycle management companies can be easy and flexible also allows to utilize coding services whenever necessary.
  • Errors can be managed accordingly by avoiding repetitive mistakes in billing and coding formats and can prevent rejections and denials for the submitted claims.
  • Clinical coding services in revenue cycle management companies will have trained ICD-10 AM coding team in healthcare industry suitable for electronic record management.
  • They guarantee revenue reimbursements with shorter turn around times with flexible reporting available options.

Role of Clinical Coders:

  • Australian clinical coders are far more responsible for allocating ICD-10-AM diagnosis codes and procedures as being it a part of their work.
  • Using encoders or coding books, data entry, regular check on coding reports, coding books updates, quality assurance that’s related to coding as well as meeting participation and discussing the coding rules are major tasks assigned to clinical coders.
  • Clinical coders in Australia are very professional where they are qualified from one of four Australian Universities in Health Information Management.
  • Australian coders are made to perform various tasks apart from clinical coding.
  • Almost 44% of Australian clinical coders stated that they required to meet the daily coding throughout target.
  • Mainly documentation issues become the major concern for coding quality in Australia.

Can AI tools help in improving clinical coding accuracy?

Software solutions and tools designed specifically for the healthcare industry bring a lot of potential to improve the back office work, particularly for the revenue cycle management workflow. Here are some common services AI tools can take care of:

  • Updating Codes:

Federal healthcare authorities like the TJC and the CMS keep on evolving the coding guidelines depending on the latest requirements of the industry while keeping the patients’ service experience in mind. While it is challenging for the in-house billing and coding teams to keep up with the deleted and added codes every year, AI tools learn from their own environment. This helps the system to upgrade itself without extreme intervention. Thus the healthcare organization faces fewer to no denials due to usage of obsolete codes in the claims.

  • Elimination of Manual Errors:

Healthcare organizations go through hundreds of claims every day. Manually entering each and every code with high accuracy is a tough goal to accomplish even with a large team of seasoned professionals. Consider switching to AI tools to eliminate manual errors in this section. These solutions can scan through a range of claims within a short span of time and mark the errors that need rework. Not only will AI improve clinical coding accuracy, but also significantly upgrade the efficiency of your coding team since they can now focus on more critical decision making work.

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