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FAQs of Vision Billing for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Companies

Did you learn to bill your vision billing accurately? If no, better watch out for the areas you are missing out. Healthcare revenue cycle management companies often confront challenges in vision billing and coding process as they remain unique. It’s time to get along with the right process and get your revenue paid back at the right time.

Whatever, it’s the responsibility of healthcare professionals to have a proper patient verification before rendering vision procedures. As we had already discussed, vision billing ultimately requires vision insurance for certain procedures which also involve separate set of coding procedures.

It definitely takes much of healthcare professionals’ time to understand and become an expert in ophthalmology or vision billing and coding. Being able to differentiate routine eye exam and medical eye exam as well as the co pays available for these two procedures helps to ease the healthcare revenue cycle management companies and healthcare professionals work.

How to do Vision Billing?

  • Select right insurance panels and Credential
  • Set right exam Fees
  • Learn Claim Submission Process
  • Know accurate billing and coding procedures

1. Select right Insurance Panels and Credentialing:

  • Before finding the right insurance panels, proper research is essential to find the largest community and different set of vision plans to choose to participate for timely reimbursement.
  • However, different insurance companies and panels have multiple credentialing rules, because of which there’s no one common solution suitable for everyone.
  • Even though it seems like a hazardous task to recommend perfect insurance panels for the practice, Medicare is the best option which nearly heads to 60 million recipients at present.
  • This scenario exhibits the perfect volume of patients everywhere making Medicare a must have provider.
  • Healthcare revenue cycle management companies also find Medicare a suitable solution as it credentials all the healthcare professionals they apply for and also there are chances where the insurance companies close their panels or limit their number of OD.
  • Medicare can be a very good option for the healthcare professionals if their medical practice is not as busy.
  • Even if Medicare beneficiaries are the fastest emerging insurance in the country, healthcare revenue cycle management companies and healthcare professionals must note that reimbursement rates are very high compared to Medicaid.
  • In fact commercial insurance companies typically have better paying plans but are difficult to credential.

2. Set Right Exam Fees:

  • When choosing Medicare as the provider, it’s easy to accept the assignment.
  • Usually accepting assignments encourages patients to consult healthcare professionals because of out of pocket expenses that become lower.
  • But it’s necessary to understand the charge for exam fees and the expenses.

3. Learn Claim Submission Process:

  • Once the fees is decided and set, it’s essential for healthcare professionals as well as healthcare revenue cycle management companies to learn proper claim submission Process for vision billing.
  • Timely reimbursements are possible only with proper claim submission Process for vision billing especially.
  • The efficient way of submitting the claim includes EHR, a clearing House as well as experience vision billing team who can do accurate billing and submit the claims according to the insurance panel’s time.
  • Using multiple tools also make sure the information is verified thoroughly.
  • Constant revenue flow is possible only when the tools and vision billing team works to their best in the healthcare revenue cycle management companies.
  • Accurate billing and coding is very important in vision billing as these bills may get denied with untrained or inexperienced team.
  • For ophthalmology or vision billing, coding procedures act as the sensitive part as it makes most of the claims fall in trouble if coded inaccurately by the team.

4. Know Accurate Billing and Coding Procedures:

  • If accurate vision billing isn’t possible with healthcare professionals’ staff, outsource it to better healthcare revenue cycle management companies with well trained and equipped vision billing specialists.
  • On the other hand coding part must be performed by perfect coding specialists or healthcare professionals who are experts and experienced in coding the procedures accurately.
  • Performing ethical coding procedures ensures correct coding and understands which codes to use for certain procedures.
  • The best part to experience accurate coding is to either outsource vision billing and coding to healthcare revenue cycle management companies or learn from fellow ophthalmology practitioners.
  • Though many medical coders work for healthcare industry, not all will be better experienced and engaged to vision billing and coding practices. The very important part is ICD-10 coding is healthcare industry standard.
  • ICD-10 codes are very crucial and specific for every healthcare specialty which allows healthcare revenue cycle management companies as well as healthcare professionals to familiarize numerous diagnosis codes required for coding.
  • Eye exam codes are different from routine exam codes. Most of the coders and healthcare professionals make mistakes in differentiating the procedures performed for the patient and thus coding them becomes a big headache with confusion.
  • So, it’s critical and necessary to keep detailed record of practices and the kind of exam performed in the patient.
  • Its routine eye exam or medical eye exam, proper information and coding can save healthcare professionals from denials and rejections.
  • Following better coding practices with accurate vision billing guidelines can make the billing more easy and ready to get reimbursements at the right time.

Use of Vision Billing Software:

  • Billing software systems for vision services can help the practice to scale up by an extra notch.
  • While billing software tools can help all kinds of healthcare practices, it can prove to be particularly beneficial for vision healthcare services.
  • Several vision clinics though have several specialists in the system, lack a fully equipped billing team to take care of the intricacies of the process.
  • If you do not want to invest in a larger team of professionals, then getting a vision billing software can help you a great deal.
  • The software tool can analyze reports and claims and put forward the areas that need your particular attention.
  • Automation can help reduce the errors due to manual processes and also support under-staffed teams to a great extent.
  • You can also adapt customized home-grown vision billing software solutions from outsourced RCM companies to get an end-to-end support.

Hope you got the required information on Vision Billing. For suggestions, please comment below and we definitely will answer them if relevant. For more queries and updates on healthcare, please subscribe to our blog.

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