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A Complete Guide to Teledentistry Billing

What’s the common fact that comes to your mind about teledentistry billing? To be very precise, it’s fair to understand covid-19 hit the healthcare industry very hard in an unexpected way! It ain’t so difficult to accept how teledentistry evolved and spread across the world reducing oral health disparities between rural and urban.

Can you imagine the current situation without virtual healthcare or teledentistry ? Yes, you’re right! It’s not so easy to explain the consequences without telehealth or teledentistry in certain disasters or outbreaks. There comes the point of teledentistry billing. For many healthcare professionals, their work has made them restless and less productive. Hence, a better option to generate proper revenue will be error free billing, even teledentistry billing for that matter!

Teledentistry billing has brought much convenient ideas and routes to deliver safe and proper care for patients. Rewinding the basic concept of teledentistry is nothing but the combination of telecommunications and dentistry to promote the exchange of medical information remotely for treatment planning.

The need to embrace Teledentistry billing:

  • As telehealth and teledentistry is increasing, the popularity towards teledentistry billing also has been gradually occupying a place in healthcare industry.
  • With huge number of healthcare professionals or dentists working online, it’s quite quirky to let them bill alone. Isn’t it a great time to leap into the appointments and find better ways to get them paid?
  • Teledentistry billing provides numerous benefits with all packed options to ensure profitable revenue generation to healthcare professionals.

What is Remote Teledentistry?

  • Simple way to explain the formula is, remote teledentistry uses interactive audio and video as well as data communications to support dental care by encompassing all the suitable dental areas including diagnosis, treatment and transferred information.
  • However, we have to appreciate the new technology equipment that have made it possible for dental professionals to diagnose and evaluate dental diseases virtually.
  • There would be certain cases where patient demands physical treatment. Nothing to bother if they are ready to book an appointment via teledentistry software.
  • It reduces much of burden for both dental professionals and patients as the confusions and complications fall behind with perfect management system.
  • Phone calls provide better information with clarity and help for a way out from that current situation or pain.
  • These could make dental professionals really busy with patients and that’s the main motive, but there are more details they will have to focus on too.

Benefits of outsourcing Teledentistry billing:

  • With covid-19 outbreak, dental professionals realized the true importance of teledentistry billing by also addressing disparities between urban and rural communities.
  • Patience and patientcare is the most valuable asset. So, concentration on patients should be the main aspect for any dental professional for that matter.
  • Dental insurance is unique compared to other medical insurance policies. While billing teledentistry billing, it’s apt to perform a genuine and accurate billing procedure to get paid constantly without hassle.
  • Not all dental professionals are aware of dental policies those keep on changing according to payers. But, a reminder of follow ups and accurate data entry as well as code entry would save your day from denials.
  • Being healthcare professionals, teledentistry billing isn’t a big deal, but dealing with denials really matters. Outsourcing teledentistry billing ensures perfect billing procedures including accurate coding and data entry in order to help with profitable revenue reimbursements.
  • Outsourcing teledentistry billing becomes a remarkable solution to the concern of decreasing the time and cost allocated for billing practices and sharing the requirements to meet dental needs.

How Dental Professionals can Leverage Teledentistry?

  • The new technologies adopted in dental care are far more advanced than the other specialties. It has unlocked broader and innovative ideas preferably for patients and dental professionals. Let’s have a look!
  1. Maintaining Patient Volume:
  • Teledentistry helps in maintaining patient volume during the pandemic times to stay positive with positive touch points.
  • Online appointments and teledentistry consultation can be more convenient for patients without compromising their safety. It also benefits patients and dental professionals by saving time and energy.
  • Teledentistry billing increases revenue growth whereas teledentistry consultation increases patient care and satisfaction by eliminating time consumption from their daily hustles to consult dental professionals.
  1. Teledentistry for Triage Patients:
  • With the help of virtual dental assistance, it’s easy to evaluate patient requirements prior to the appointment, grabbing the opportunities of teledentistry.
  • Dental professionals also can check in with patients who don’t require any patient visits or an in-person visit.
  • Hence check-ups, follow up treatments become much easier and highlight the method of communicating with patients remote.
  1. Widening Potential Market:
  • Teledentistry witnessed the possibilities of breaking geographical barriers in order to treat more patients. Doesn’t matter where they belong to!
  • Video conference became a tool for dental professionals to provide remote consultations to patients those who find it challenging to travel in and out in the absence of dental clinics.
  1. Specialist Consultations:
  • Whether any doubts regarding treatments or diagnosis, it’s very much possible to consult virtually with specialist from preferred domain through teledentistry.
  • Specialists can resolve any issues regarding treatments or patient’s doubts on diagnosis and also shed light on concerns being raised for second opinion.
  • So, consulting specialists virtually happens through teledentistry with no other thought.

Ways to integrate Teledentistry successfully in practice:

1. Prioritizing emergency cases:

  • Is it possible for healthcare professionals to screen urgent requirements from conditions that can wait? But how? Teledentistry makes it possible by collecting intraoral photographs and providing patient consultations online only to determine if they are warrant scheduling an office emergency appointment.
  • Video assessment and consultation remain healthy for patient as well as healthcare professional as it supplies an immediate way to offer care instructions to the patient during the interim.

2. Pre-active evaluations and planning of treatment:

  • Most of the appointments had taken themselves to teledentistry including treatment planning and preoperative assessments. It’s always better to shift these manual appointments into virtual workflow and collect intraoral photographs, virtual video assessments also discuss regarding care alternatives.
  • It saves a lot of time for staff and patient’s travel expenses and for follow up appointments. Healthcare professionals can remotely communicate with patients and provide information or details on progress and growth.

3. Provider’s Collaboration:

  • Simple and efficient collaboration of specialists and dentists is easy with teledentistry. It incorporates the whole care team to improve delivery and quality of care. Screen sharing and videoconferencing makes it better for removing incomplete and delayed clinical data.

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