9 Benefits of EMR in Pediatric Billing Services

Pediatric billing services are entirely different from other specialty billing in the healthcare market. As pediatric patients usually have specialized needs as well as specific treatment programs related to Primary Pediatrics, it’s dealt with extra attention. There are specific billing codes for various procedures which result in lesser revenue payments by an insurance company if not handled appropriately.

By using accurate and appropriate codes, performing pediatric medical billing can get complete reimbursements from an insurance company.  Outsourcing to a company who knows the difference and whose software is intuitive and easy to use will help in making this aspect of practice management less burdening.

As the trends towards specialty EMR software continue, pediatricians are among the list of healthcare professions likely to benefit the most from implementing a pediatric-specific EMR.

Let’s learn 9 benefits of EMR in pediatric billing services.

1. Electronically record and transmit patient immunization records:

  • The capacity to electronically record and transmit multiple immunizations efficiently is crucial for pediatric billing services.
  • Pediatric EMR system is considered to be an extraordinary support to pediatric professionals to track immunization data that includes maintaining an inventory of separate vaccines, eligibility assessment and submitting this information as reports when required.
  • Outsourcing pediatric services actually offers a special and very significant pediatric functionality. It moreover empowers pediatric professionals with a completely customized EMR system that enables alerts on pending vaccinations and automated reminders to the patients as well as the practice.

2. Convenience for Pediatric Patients:

  • Setting up a great patient portal is an excellent way of bringing more communication efficiency and convenience for patients and healthcare providers.
  • EMR patient portal also allows patient’s families to easily view and print immunization records, school forms, growth charts, and diagnostic test results.
  • Parents and caregivers are allowed to request medication refills, referrals, and forms without paying a visit to the pediatric professional.
  • However, patient portal also helps pediatric professionals to streamline the workflow and save time as well as improve over all patient satisfaction.
  • Pediatric billing services’ patient portal is a patient engagement technology which empowers patients with the information they require to manage their own health proactively.
  • It also enables to own patient demographics, review personal health records (PHR), view lab results and education material, request prescription refills and appointments or referrals and send secure messages related to clinical questions.

3. Pediatric Billing Services EMR Supports growth charts for patients:

  • Pediatric EMR actually provides the ability to use pediatric age-specific norms for weight, height/length, head circumference, and Body Mass Index (BMI) to calculate and display growth percentiles.
  • It also helps to plot them over time on standardized CDC/WHO growth curves as deemed appropriate. Pediatric EMR is especially designed in order to provide a comprehensive display of growth charts with selected growth parameters such as height, weight, head circumference, and BMI, along with appropriate sets of norms provided by the CDC or in a compatible tabular format.

4. Obtain Weight based dosage with Pediatric dosage Calculator:

  • Pediatric billing services with EMR system has the in-built capability to compute drug doses based on appropriate dosage ranges, using the patient’s body weight and body surface area, and incorporate it into the prescribing process by suggesting doses on the basis of these computations.
  • Pediatric EHR is also configured with an in-built Pediatric Dose Calculator which quickly calculates the dose to avoid contradictions and ensure that proper pediatric dose is prescribed from the same screen.

5. Faster Documentation:

  • EMR system for pediatric billing services provides great number of pre-loaded templates for all types of sick visits. This enables the pediatric professional to have a glance at what to examine, provide an assessment, and chart the visit in seconds.
  • It not only saves time for paperless work but also creates an automated system to lower the risk of oversight.
  • However, pediatric EMR comes with hundreds of age-specific readymade templates for flu, allergies, abdominal pain, school excuse, ears, appendicitis, re-flux, vomiting or diarrhea and viral infections for children from birth to adolescence.
  • It also eliminates error prone manual processes.

6. Treats patients at remote locations:

  • Telehealth is emerging with new avenues for efficient, effective, and affordable pediatric health care services, enabling pediatricians to treat children at remote locations.
  • Telemedicine also acts to overcome the barriers and obstacles of distance and time, making access to care more cost-effective and convenient.
  • It further allows pediatric professionals to treat more patients in minimum time.
  • Pediatric billing services establish telehealth software for hospitals, clinics, providers, and patients. The robust HD video-conferencing software facilitates virtual appointments and physician-to-physician consultations through desktops, mobile devices, and web browser apps, designed to be ancillary service to healthcare professionals.

7. Saves money on missed appointments:

  • Most efficient way of handling and dealing with no shows is having an automated appointment reminder.
  • It helps in assisting pediatric professionals to send automated appointment reminders using the channels most preferred by patient’s parents and caregivers.
  • The reminders can be via calls, text message, or email. Patient’s reminder system reduces no-shows, missed appointments and cancellations by providing tools that meet its needs through an integrated communication system.
  • It is integrated with appointment scheduling and cloud EHR, so there is no need to upload patient demographics and appointments on a daily basis.

8. Manages records and orders from multiple labs without repetition:

  • Pediatric EHR also enables the submission of lab orders and diagnostic tests electronically and tracks results directly through the EMR.
  • Pediatric professionals receive notifications soon after the results are received and quickly file them in the patient’s chart.
  • A lab interface in pediatric EMR aids professionals to monitor and optimize lab records from multiple labs without any duplication.
  • It also facilitates electronic lab ordering and receiving services which are fully integrated and bi-directional and are easily attached to charts so that lab orders and results become easily accessible- printed or faxed.

9. Enables Instant Alerts:

  • Instant alerts are often related to vaccination reminders, updates on medication dosages, or potential allergic reactions, which play a very important role in pediatric diagnosis.
  • It’s also considered as one of the most prominent advantages of having pediatric specialty EHR since it receives alerts for patients immediately.
  • Pediatric solutions actually enable professionals to maintain and increase patient safety with clinical alerts to avoid any potential conflicts.
  • Pediatric EHR helps to decrease the incidence of medication errors and supports better outcomes.


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