8 Features to Look for in Customer Success Tools

Customer success is the new age business strategy that is being adapted by several B2B organizations to make sure that they have a growing customer loyalty. The entire customer success plan is guided by data driven decisions. They also keep on evolving with the changing goals of the organization. But with the right data and analyzer tools in your stride, you can easily design the customer success plan for the desired outcome. Anybody with a little bit of knowledge of customer success and the data analyzing techniques knows how important information technology is to this field.

But the main question here is that which is the kind of data you should analyze? There are tons of data that the organization collects in a single day during customer interactions. How do you know which one to analyze and which one to discard? Data analyzing tools help in determining these customer success metrics.But the goals of the companies are definitely different from each other. That is why you should know which tools to use for your case. Here are some of the features that you must definitely look for in customer success tools.

1.Customer Support:

Though there are several differences between the customer success and the customer service, the support feature is one of the most parts of a customer success plan. You should be able to reach out to the customers in times of their need. So make sure that the tool has a feature which caters to these requirements. With the increasing competition in the market, 24/7 availability is going to be one of the most crucial deciding factors for the customers when they go to choose one company over the other.

2.Live Chat:

This is an extended feature of the customer support feature. The live chat has various ways to cater to the needs of the customers. The leading customer success tools with live chat feature have the following highlights:

  • Face-to-face interaction with the customer
  • Customized videos for specific needs
  • Blending in the sales team within the support
  • Virtual product tours
  • Automated outbound messages to build customer engagement

3.Customer Feedback Collection:

Though it might sound very basic, the customer feedback is the still the most trusted path to success. It will provide you with deep insights for your product from the viewpoint of your customer. That will help you to improve the features of your future products. You can also take this opportunity to build stronger relationships with the customer. With frequent feedback collection, the client will feel valued in your company. However, none of it will work if you do not implement them properly.

4.Customer Health Scores:

You should also be able to track the health of your customer throughout the period of client-company relationship. It will also help you to make the relationship a trustworthy and long lasting one. This means that you should have features that can track the various aspects of the client’s growth after using your product. The customer success team must be proactive and act on the highlighted issues immediately.

5.Machine Learning:

Machine learning is one of the crucial technologies that are used for analyzing tones of data. The tools you use should give you some proper insights after analyzing the client’s data. Machine learning can do that for you. There are several other technologies that are being used nowadays like artificial intelligence. All these data driven features will eliminate any possible human bias and present to you the actual picture of the business.


Surveys are the easiest yet the most effective ways to collect information. The best part about surveys is that you can determine the point of conflict yourself and spread it to the customer base. As a company, you must have different kinds of clients under your wing. You will get to know which clients are succeeding in their goals with the help of your product.You can also highlight the reason for which the other companies are failing to succeed and work on that. Make sure the customer success tool has a survey or micro-survey feature.

7.Automation of Tasks:

There are certain tasks that can be forwarded automatically to the support team once any issue is raised. For example, if there is a repetitive complaint coming from a particular customer then clearly the problem is not being resolved properly. That means the team taking care of the issue should get in touch with the customer to get it resolved immediately. These messages can be forwarded automatically to the teams concerned with the help of certain features in the tool. This helps the customer satisfaction to increase even in case of any issue and reduces the churn rate.

8.One-stop Help Desk:

It is a fact that the quicker the customer issues are resolved, the greater will be the customer satisfaction. Hence a tool which acts as a one-stop help desk for your customers can be of great help. The customers need to come to one common platform to post their issues. The tool will automatically forward them to the respective teams where the professionals will take care of them. This will also serve as the much needed information on the kind of issues faced by particular customers.

Is it possible to get all customer success features in one tool?

There are definitely several customer success tools that serve different customer bases. All are very competent with their features. But it is also tough to get all these features in one single tool. If you want to have a tailor made plan for your business with all these features, you can outsource the job to competent professionals. They are experts in this domain who are updated on all product forms. Even if you want your in-house team to do it for you, you can take the help of their staff training programs for the same.They will make sure that your own team gets to know all about the updated features in the customer success domain.

Hope this blog gave you a good idea about the kind of features to look for in customer success tools. For any queries, write them below and we will get back to you if they are relevant. For more updates, subscribe to our blog.





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