5 Differences between Customer Success and Support

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any organization in all kinds of fields. Providing a product or service does not end the relationship between the customer and the company. If you want to retain your customers for a long time, you need to pay key attention towards their needs and requirements. Now there are two sides to this aspect. They are customer support or service and customer success. They are very different from each other but are often used interchangeably.

Both are equally important for the company but they need different kinds of support teams. The approach towards achieving the goals in the two aspects is also different. If you want to succeed in both the fields, then you need to know the key differences between them. That will help you to observe the different prospects that you can work on.

Here are 5 major differences between the two concepts of customer success and customer support. Make sure that you are aware of these so that you can make an impact.

1.Customer Success is proactive while Customer Support is reactive:

This is the first point that sets apart the two concepts of customer satisfaction. If you take customer support, then you will find a team of experts ready to resolve issues as faced by the customer. Their work starts after some problem arises in the product or the service. They try to put out the fires when they occur with the stipulated procedure as provided by the company.They communicate with the customers to understand the problem and try to provide solutions. In case the matter is more serious, the issues are addressed by top level management.

In case of customer success, the unique needs of customers and their expectations from the product are kept in mind. When the deal is made with the customers, the plan for the best possible outcome is chalked out. That means the company officials try to analyze the data at hand and predict the issues. The issues are addressed even before they might crop up. It helps both the customers and the company to grow in their respective fields.On one hand, the customers get their desired outcome from the product. As for the company, a long lasting loyal client base helps them to succeed further.

2.Beyond Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is definitely one of the most crucial and mandatory goals of the company when they cater their service. But as mentioned earlier, providing the product solely will not cut the crease in current times. You need to think beyond that to get the most out of your business. With excellent customer support team, the customers get instantly satisfied with the solutions they provide. But is it enough in these competitive times? There are several companies working in the same field with similar products and excellent customer support. How will you guarantee your success?

This is where customer success comes in. As a company, you need to understand that the same product you offer might be of different uses to two separate users. For example, scheduling software could be used in different setups- both in a hospital and a medium sized corporate office. The outcomes for the two setups are completely different. The strengths of the two setups are completely different. You need to identify these unique identities and address their success story according to the needs.

3.Customer success is a long-term idea while Customer Support is a quick fix:

Customer success helps the companies to build a long term rapport with the customers they cater to. The client’s needs also do not stay constant. They keep on changing with time as their business keeps on evolving. You should have a proper data repository in your system so that you can assist them in every step of the way.It is through this system a long lasting trustworthy relationship is built between the two companies. It also creates a win-win situation for both, benefiting every stakeholder.

Customer support is definitely a quick fix for the clients. The team can cater to the needs of the client only when a certain problem is reported. In some cases the solution might not be a quick fix. The issue might be complicated or a repetitive one. The management needs to look into these issues to help the customer.In case the problem is not addressed properly, the relationship between the clients and the company will be hampered.

4.Customer Success generates revenue while Customer Support helps prevent churn:

Customer support teams help to tackle the regular issues that the customer faces to retain them for the future.They work in close association with the customers, but only when a problem has occurred. This definitely helps the company to maintain its good reputation. But it cannot do much beyond that.

Customer success drives the growth of the company as well as the clients.Since this aspect focuses on overall uplifting of the two parties involved, it can go much beyond than just ensuring satisfaction. Companies can expand with the help of increased up-selling, cross-selling and referrals. All these factors steer the growth of the company in the right direction. If you invest in the customer success teams, the returns will be huge both in form of financial gains and fresh business avenues.

5.Customer success requires inputs from various departments while customer support can be a separate team:

Since customer success focuses on the overall growth of the company and the client’s business, inputs from various departments are of great value to succeed. Sales, marketing, finances, and operations- all need to work together to get the work done properly.

On the other hand, the customer support can take care of the problems separately. They need not discuss the prospects of the issues regularly with the other departments. Product knowledge is definitely one of the most important qualities the executives should have apart from other great communication skills.However, they can deal with the problems in a completely separate setup.

You can also outsource your customer success plans from leading companies if you do not have the required workforce or experience. Make sure your staff is well trained to handle this new age business strategy.

Hope this blog helped you understand the differences between customer success and customer support. For any queries, write them below and we will get back to you if they are relevant. For more updates, subscribe to our blog.





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