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Do you know Insurance and Healthcare together account for 20% of return mail, or more than 280 million mail pieces per year? Now that’s a big number that can affect your revenue processes and lower the claim reimbursements. These returned mails all contain extremely sensitive information regarding the health of the patients. Hence they must be protected at all costs. On the other hand, the time wasted on recovering the right address and resending the mail to the correct party reduces the speed of the cash flow unnecessarily. In this situation, you will need a team of experts who can help you simplify the return mail processing and improve your revenue cycle. We believe in making your practice more efficient and QWay goes that extra mile to make the claims process an easy and seamless one.

Returned Mail Processing Process
  • The physical mail items is captured and put into electronic format as the initial stage in the return mail procedure. The original mail pieces is either destroyed when document capture is finished or staged for secondary processing, such as re-mailing, reprocessing, and address validation with customer follow-up as necessary.
  • We use the tools to update and validate address database after setting up centralized document capture and converting physical return mail to digital files.
  • The next step in the return mail management services operation is to set up data-driven events and back-end business processes. Any remailed document that is again returned as undeliverable can also be quickly accessed using rebound processing.
  • In order to update the host platform and give management statistics, a return mail management service must have fundamental reporting, metrics, and audit processes that deliver accurate and useful critical data. We establish tracking, analysis, and documentation in order to verify the process's metrics and quality.
How outsourcing Returned Mail Processing Services with QWay will help you?
  • Improves efficiency by offering the right focus and expertise for handling returned mails
  • We work towards decreasing write-offs and increase the chances of recovery.
  • Identifies new addresses quickly and increases cash flow.
  • Thorough follow-ups of individual accounts we make sure that address hunting issues are analyzed and processed properly.
  • Outsourcing with us will enable the provider to reduce the cost and time spent in handling returned mails.

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