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We believe in making your practice more efficient and QWay is a company which goes that extra mile to make the claims process an easy and seamless one. Undelivered mails and Address changes can bring down the speed of the claims process and have an impact on the cash flow. Our services to address Returned Mails speeds collection and saves you time.

Our service makes sure that your staff don’t waste productive time on the phone with the insurance provider for hours trying to find out a resolution. We sort all your returned mails after analysis. Identification of new addresses, and a detailed report on the status of each account is maintained and forwarded to enable the entire team to access the status.



    How does QWay’s Returned Mail Processing help the healthcare provider?

    • Improves efficiency by offering the right focus and expertise for handling returned mails
    • Decreases write-offs and increases recovery.
    • Identifies new addresses quickly and increases cash flow.
    • Outsourcing enables the provider to reduce the cost and time spent in handling returned mails.


    • 1. What is termed as return mail?

      Return mails are the ones that are returned by the US postal service due to the wrong address. They are the ones which we call “undeliverable”. In the case of medical billing, these are the claims which are returned.

    • 2. Why is return mail a problem?

      As mentioned, in many cases the claims are returned due to wrong addresses. The claims process unnecessarily gets delayed due to this issue. Claims processing is a time-consuming procedure. Address hunting takes up too much time that will harm the revenue cycle.

    • 3. How can QWay solve this issue?

      Professionals at QWay will help you to make this address hunting easier. The new addresses will be identified quicker. Thorough follow-ups of individual accounts will make sure that these issues are analyzed and processed properly.

    ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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