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QWay Healthcare Mobile Workforce Going Full Digital in 2024


(DALLAS, TEXAS) Qway Healthcare, the fastest growing Mobile Workforce Healthcare staffing company in the world, announces today that its going digital in 2024 to align with customers’ trends and needs. Qway is moving away from having an outbound call center making 1000’s of calls a day to a more strategic approach using today’s digital platforms in reaching potential opportunities.

The incredible marketing team at Qway led by Saranya Ravishanker and Saravanan Ragavan has developed a remarkable strategy that will change Qway customer acquisition strategy forever.

The internet is a powerful tool and the ability to strategically position your message and customer acquisition is vital for future success.

The strategic shift will be accomplished by leveraging cutting-edge digital platforms to enhance customer acquisition. With a focus on innovation, Qway aim to optimize outreach, fostering meaningful connections and unlocking new opportunities. This evolution reaffirms Qway commitment to staying at the forefront of healthcare solutions through advanced and targeted digital engagement.

“Qway continues to look for innovative ideas to stay on the forefront in the staffing industry, “noted Harish Kannan, COO/Cofounder. “Our marketing continues to push the boundaries on changing the way we do business and that is one of the primary reasons for our current and future success. I am looking forward to an incredible 2024 and beyond in rolling out our new digital platform for customer acquisition.”

About QWay:

QWay Healthcare is a leading provider of a certified mobile workforce that meets the unique revenue cycle management needs and challenges of healthcare providers across the United States with 13 years of experience and over 1100+ employees. With over 43+ billing systems and specialties, QWay aims to administer medical billing challenges and lead insights-driven strategies for a prompt and optimized payment flow. We believe in operational excellence, cultural openness, gender equality, customer success, and quality driven processes and seek to create a collaborative space with inclusivity and accessibility. QWay is marching ahead with workforce development for a redefined experience.

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