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QWay announces mobile workforce staffing transformation for healthcare revenue cycle job shortage


DALLAS, TEXAS, QWay, a New Jersey-based Healthcare Revenue Cycle staffing services company, announces Mobile Workforce. The United States healthcare segment is facing the most significant employee shortages in its history. From Covid-19 to the current recession mixed with inflation, both hospitals and doctors’ offices are desperately looking for qualified revenue cycle employees to process payments and perform follow-up to ensure the healthcare provider is getting the revenue as quickly as possible due to decreasing revenue and increasing employee expenses. What is the answer to this healthcare dilemma organizations are facing? The answer is QWay Mobile Workforce.

QWay is the number one answer for healthcare organizations looking for qualified, knowledgeable individuals with healthcare revenue cycle experience at a price over half the cost of a fully burdened employee. QWay provides experienced and knowledgeable individuals with healthcare revenue cycle expertise working with your billing system for a lower cost than what McDonald’s is paying for an employee at its restaurants. Plus, the ramp-up to full productivity is only about three weeks versus bringing in a new employee, which could take three to six months.

“We are already where the United States Healthcare market is moving toward with no one working in an office environment transforming its staffing to a mobile world,” voiced Harish KannanCOO/Founder of QWay Healthcare. “With over a decade in developing a knowledgeable healthcare revenue cycle staffing team to provide healthcare organizations the ability to eliminate its revenue cycle job shortages. It is the best of both worlds. With declining revenue and profits, the QWay Mobile Workforce can instantly improve your profits by reducing the cost you are paying today for your staff. We own the Healthcare Mobile Workforce market space and are excited to increase our market share for decades to come.”

About QWay:
QWay Healthcare is a leading provider of a certified mobile workforce that meets the unique revenue cycle management needs and challenges of healthcare providers across the United States with 13 years of experience and over 1100+ employees. With over 43+ billing systems and specialties, QWay aims to administer medical billing challenges and lead insights-driven strategies for a prompt and optimized payment flow. We believe in operational excellence, cultural openness, gender equality, customer success, and quality-driven processes and seek to create a collaborative space with inclusivity and accessibility. QWay is marching ahead with workforce development for a redefined experience.

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