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QWay Mobile Workforce Epic Team is Handling Authorizations for Large Epic Physician Group in the SouthWest.


“QWAY Mobile Workforce, a trailblazer in innovative solutions for healthcare management, is proud to announce its collaboration with the Epic team at one of the leading and largest physician’s groups in the Southwest. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in the evolution of healthcare operations, specifically in the realm of authorizations.

The healthcare landscape is continually evolving, and managing authorizations efficiently is crucial for delivering seamless patient care. Recognizing this need, QWAY Mobile Workforce has joined forces with the Epic Team to streamline and enhance the authorization process.

Key Features of the Collaboration:

  • Efficient Authorization Workflow: QWAY’s cutting-edge mobile workforce solutions integrate seamlessly with Epic systems, optimizing the authorization workflow. This ensures a swift and efficient process, reducing administrative burden and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering exceptional patient care.
  • Real-time Communication: The collaboration empowers healthcare providers with realtime communication capabilities. Instant updates on authorization statuses, approvals, and any changes in the process enable the Epic Team to make informed decisions promptly, promoting agility in healthcare operations.
  • Enhanced Data Security: QWAY Mobile Workforce prioritizes the security of patient data. The collaboration with the Epic Team includes robust security measures to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring compliance with healthcare industry standards and regulations.
  • Scalable Solutions: As the physicians group expands, the QWAY-Epic collaboration offers scalable solutions that grow with the organization’s needs. This adaptability ensures a future-proof system that can evolve alongside the dynamic healthcare landscape.
  • User-friendly Interface: QWAY’s user-friendly interface ensures that healthcare professionals can navigate the system with ease. This intuitive design minimizes the learning curve, allowing the Epic Team to maximize the benefits of the collaboration from day one.

“QWAY is committed to providing a knowledgeable EPIC mobile workforce for health systems utilizing the industry leading EPIC platform,” noted Harish Kannan, COO/Cofounder. “In less than two weeks from the agreement being signed, we were working in a live environment providing more productivity in terms of hours at a rate of 50% less than a fully burden employee doing the same function. It is a truly win-win for the Healthcare provider.”

About QWay:

QWay Healthcare is a leading provider of a certified mobile workforce that meets the unique revenue cycle management needs and challenges of healthcare providers across the United States with 13 years of experience and over 1100+ employees. With over 43+ billing systems and specialties, QWay aims to administer medical billing challenges and lead insights-driven strategies for a prompt and optimized payment flow. We believe in operational excellence, cultural openness, gender equality, customer success, and quality driven processes and seek to create a collaborative space with inclusivity and accessibility. QWay is marching ahead with workforce development for a redefined experience.

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