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QWay Healthcare announces new agreement with a healthcare provider using EPIC for mobile workforce services


(Dallas, Texas) QWay announces a new agreement with a large healthcare provider in the southwest using EPIC to provide Mobile Workforces Services

“The continue commitment by EPIC Healthcare clients around the United States shows QWay experience and expertise in EPIC as the strategic partner for Mobile Workforce services in the world,” note Harish Kannan – COO/Cofounder of QWay Healthcare. “QWay continues to invest in the EPIC space by bringing on more qualified EPIC experts to bring a huge benefit to the EPIC market. We are looking forward to being the number one supplier of mobile workforces’ services for decades to come.”

About QWay:

QWay Healthcare is a leading provider of a certified mobile workforce that meets the unique revenue cycle management needs and challenges of healthcare providers across the United States with 13 years of experience and over 1100+ employees. With over 43+ billing systems and specialties, QWay aims to administer medical billing challenges and lead insights-driven strategies for a prompt and optimized payment flow. We believe in operational excellence, cultural openness, gender equality, customer success, and quality-driven processes and seek to create a collaborative space with inclusivity and accessibility. QWay is marching ahead with workforce development for a redefined experience.

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Email: Phone: (972) 672-5896

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