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Are you facing denials due to lack of awareness of payer rules and regulations? Pre-Authorization is an important facet in any healthcare practice because it helps with coverage of the procedures involved to be carried on the patient. It saves you from odds of overprescribing thereby managing your costs and revenue workflow. Pre-Authorization is a sure way to prevent payment delays, part-payments and denials. An authorization number on the claim form at the time of submitting  the claims is the best route to a clean claim.

The key to Pre-Authorization is the obtaining of the correct CPT code which is often a daunting task and that’s where QWay professionals help in streamlining the workflow and standardizing process, making it easy to mitigate.

Pre Authorization Services We Offer
  • Verification: Patient’s insurance details are verified to check the coverage of the insurance plan to avoid over or under prescribing.
  • Documentation: To ensure smooth and easy pre-authorization, complete documentation templates are used and record maintenance is carried out.
  • Pre-certification: Our professionals are well-versed in the procedures for determining insurance eligibility guaranting hassle-free claim resolution right away without delays.
  • Coding: Our trained coding personnels help in utilising the best of knowledge for ICD 10 diagnosis coding helping in quick processes and eliminating denials.
  • Follow up: To fill in for the communication gaps between providers and insurers, our experts ensure to track all the requests for seamless settlements.
Why Hire Qway as Your Prior Authorization Service Provider?


By ensuring that each form is submitted correctly, QWay simplifies the challenging procedure. According to an American Medical Association survey, pre-authorization requests for even prescription medications are rising by 20% annually. Nevertheless, it is advisable to get ready for the future while the opportunity is present. Our knowledge of the constantly evolving complexity of healthcare standards allows us to guarantee that your health information is recorded and entered accurately, quickly, and completely in compliance.


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