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Patient demographic entry services involves managing and recording vast quantities of patient data on your behalf by experts as it has never been easy and efficient as a lot of factors affect the reliability and validation of the processes followed internally by the hospital operations departments. Demographic collection and tracking processes should be standardized as due to unreliable patient demographic collection and tracking processes a lot of time is consumed resulting in low levels of accuracy. Getting every information right about the patient is the key to a successful claim. Patient Demographics entry is a critical step ‘to avoid’ a lot of back-tracking and errors in the claims process. The task demands an eye for perfection and accuracy, as it determines the actual reimbursement of healthcare provider for the services rendered. Accurate patient information is crucial for determining eligibility and benefits, obtaining prior authorization, and filing error-free claims. Furthermore, only by using reliable patient data is population health insights attainable. Outsourcing the operations brings in more expertise of the trained professionals resulting in better claim processing.

Patient Demographic Entry Services We Offer


After receiving the information our teams thoroughly review the information and validate it ensuring the correctness before entering into the medical billing systems.

We carry out information entry according to guidelines issued by the authorities.  The following information is carefully updated in the software:

Demographics information

  • Patient's legal name, age, gender, address, email, phone numbers
  • Patient's social security number for identification

Insurance Information

  • Payer information (name of the Payer, mailing address for claims, and group and policy numbers)
  • Details of secondary as well as primary Payers
  • Medicaid or Medicare card (if the patient receives federal or state assistance)

Medical Information

  • Allergies if any
  • Special requirements (interpreter, assistance for physically disabled people, medications, Ambulance, stretcher access, etc.)

Payment Information

  • Name, address, and telephone number of the person who will be responsible for payments

Guarantor Account Details

  • Guarantor Name, Date of Birth, Phone number of Work and Home with their respective Address details
Why choose QWay for Patient Demographic Entry?


  • We ensure the patient demographic entry services are rendered in cost efficient rates to help you focus in entirety on patient care.
  • We make sure that the privacy and confidentiality of patient data is maintained with highest importance.
  • Our teams are led by certified experts who are technologically equipped with using latest billing softwares and state of the art systems leading to filing of error free claims.
  • Our processes are 100% HIPAA and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS compliant

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