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When patients provide inaccurate or incomplete information about their insurance coverage during visits or when the hospital or administrative staff fails to update the current coverage information, the majority of medical claims are delayed or refused by insurance companies. As a result, the company's cash flow is negatively impacted by the delay in reimbursements. A critical and necessary stage in the medical billing process that directly impacts a practice's reimbursement is determining insurance eligibility. Neglecting the procedure for confirming the patient's insurance coverage invariably results in payment delays, non-payment of claims, rejections, and dissatisfied patients. Spotting gaps and errors in information are the first steps we take to get you up and running on the claims process. Eliminate noncollectable revenue with our highly effective Eligibility verification process.

What does QWay do:

QWay HealthCare’s eligibility verification process will verify the information that is relative to the patient’s screening process.

Our process clearly identifies:

  • Effective dates
  • Plan exclusions
  • Benefits
  • Coverage details
  • Co-pays and details of Co- Insurance
  • Pre- Auth Number
  • Patient Details as against details with the Insurance

How do we do it?

  • The documents received are thoroughly analyzed and verified as state by the insurers.
  • A day before to the scheduled patient visit patient's insurance E&B and insurance coverage data is verified with the primary and secondary payers.
  • Co-pay, deductible, co-insurance, in-network and out-of-network benefits, and PCP name matching are then recorded and updated in the patient notes.
  • A follow-up encounter with the patient is done to seek any missing or incorrect information and get the required authorization.
  • The client is provided with final information about the patient’s eligibility coverage and other details.
What makes you choose QWay?


  • Reduced A/R Days.
  • Data security with latest technology driven solutions
  • Clearer & Cleaner data on the billing system.
  • Low Co-Pay, Registration & billing errors.
  • Reduced billing & Collections cost.
  • Control bad debts & Improve patient satisfaction.
  • Aid a more effective patient financial counselling program.
  • Accelerate reimbursement & eradicate Rework.

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