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Do you know one of the biggest loopholes that might affect your revenue streams is neglecting  the AR build-up and focusing more on billing the incoming claims? To increase your revenue influx the AR follow-up processes have to be strengthened and a dedicated team has to be formed for processing of error free built-up account receivables. Outsourcing of AR and Follow-up services with experienced service providers will ease the revenue congestion and  help overcome the hurdles of AR follow-ups in medical billing due to their industry exposure

Significant AR Analysis and Follow-up Process


Of the plethora of things that top the agenda of a healthcare provider running behind payments due and clearing blocks in the payment pipeline is a pain that every Clinic, hospital, or physician group would love to avoid. Account Receivables at a hospital/nursing home were purely a departmental activity until some time ago.

New and evolving payer plans, co-insurance agreements, patient co-pays, and the increase in patients with a high deductible health plan has exceedingly complicated the nature of AR. It demands the healthcare provider to revamp and re-strategize their revenue cycle management. The process is now complex requiring the skill of specialists and trained professionals who have diligence, analytical skills and patience.

How we handle AR Analysis and Follow-up?

We do a scrupulous Study

An in-depth research on the accounts to determine the right follow-up strategy. Understanding the size and scale of your receivables and the risk- exposure.

We prime for the Process

A thorough eligibility check, claim scrub and continuous analysis for patterns on global problems, procedures and codes.

We stay on top of Quality

Readily available reports, quality assessment, technical support and special assistance during crisis.

As the adage goes “A Penny saved is a penny earned”

Dealing with over 1000 patients per day, each insurer with a different insurance plan, along with the consistent updates and guidelines provided by the insurance companies, following up on the patient’s claim becomes tedious and eventful for a Hospital.

Well, if the importance of the issue doesn’t hit you well-enough, take a look at what the Accounts Receivables analysis and follow-up service can do for the healthcare provider:

  • 15% Overall Increase in annual revenue.
  • Minimize accounts receivable days.
  • Accelerate cash flow.
  • Reduces overheads 30-40% below operational costs.

Keep your financial health intact with QWay HealthCare A/R Analysis and Follow-up. Your Revenue cycle will now become SMART, SMOOTH, and SEAMLESS. Enjoy the even and predictable flow of cash.

Outsource Accounts Receivable Follow-up Process to Us

  • Tracking of status of the claims
  • Identification of denial issues is followed by analysis and follow-up
  • Refiling of the corrected claim with the insurance providers
  • Follow up for resolving the claim
Why choose Qway for AR Analysis and Follow Up services?
  • We do a scrupulous Study on the accounts with a strong focus on follow-up strategy.
  • In-depth research to determine the risk-exposure
  • We engage in thorough eligibility check and exhaustive analysis process
  • We determine and track the pattern of write-offs after extensive research
  • Our reports are readily available with 24/7 technical support and special assistance during crisis

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