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Radiology Billing and Coding

The challenges faced by radiologists doing the routine course check-ups and running scans are overwhelming and the radiology billing procedures can be challenging tasks running parallelly. The fast and ever-changing practices are difficult to keep up leading to less efficiency in patient care and failure at proper documentation delays reimbursements. Professionals at QWay Healthcare are well-versed and certified in specialty billing and coding aiding in reducing the associated complexities and faster claims processing. There are different components of radiology coding, including X-Ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Fluoroscopy, and Computed Tomography.

Here is a list of typical CPT codes to keep note of.

70010 – 76499: Diagnostic Imaging

76506 – 76999: Diagnostic Ultrasound

77001 – 77022: Radiologic Guidance

77046 – 77067: Breast Mammography

77071 – 77086: Bone or joint Diagnostic Studies

77261 – 77799: Radiation Oncology

78012 – 79999: Nuclear Medicine

Steps followed in Medical Billing Radiology:

  1. Error-free data is a primary requirement for a clean claim and during onboarding and verification of patients our experts source accurate data to avoid denials and rejections.
  2. To reduce the financial risks, we make sure that verification and authorization procedures are followed as directed by the governing bodies aiming at a quick turnaround for reimbursements.
  3. Our AAPC-certified staff is acquainted with the most recent ICD coding system, terminologies, and insurance company policies. Services rendered are coded and billed as per the industry standards and regulations.
  4. Our aim at reducing denials and maximizing collections keeps us on our toes and we act in accordance with regulatory bodies like HIPAA for levying billing and coding charges.
  5. Quality checks form an integral part of the billing and claim-filling process to deliver a better experience. Our teams take efforts to ensure quality audits to reduce claim reimbursement inconsistencies. Denials, if any are followed up closely with the payers.

Services we offer:

  1. Radiology Billing Patient Demographics Entry: The radiologist’s documentation of the operation performed is the first step towards a cleaner claim and full reimbursement. QWay Healhtcare educates providers and meets the governing bodies’ needs and for the coders and billers to be able to accurately bill the claims, radiologists must give appropriate and thorough documentation for the operation undertaken.
  2. Radiology Billing Insurance Eligibility and Verification: To reduce financial risk and administrative burdens, we collaborate with doctors and insurers to obtain the appropriate authorizations in advance. Insurance eligibility and verification are carried out to establish eligibility for the service coverage the insurance agreement offers. In this manner, claims are processed more quickly, resulting in greater reimbursements
  3. Radiology coding services: Our teams work in close coordination with client and industry expectations and integrate the most recent billing and coding tools and our certified coders refer to the guidelines by ICD-10-CM, CPT assistance, and HCPCS Level II for this. The flaws associated with down coding and upcoding are kept at bay to avoid denied claims.
  4. Radiology Bill Processing and Submitting Claims: Radiological service can be billed for the physician’s work as well as the use of equipment or supplies. Our services are intended to assist you in optimizing your billing procedure, improving service quality, and boosting the administration of your accounts receivable before claims are submitted for processing.
  5. Claim Scrubbing: The claim scrubbing procedure has a main objective to find and fix any billing code problems, which lowers the number of denied claims and is equally essential for any medical practice to avoid denials.
  6. Radiology AR follow-up and denial management: It has been always a demanding task to get the payment flow smooth and the operational efficiency of businesses is jeopardized. Our trained callers follow up on claims closely and resolve the inconsistencies due to misinterpretation or lack of data. QWay’s Denial Management Program addresses both historical and future claims with the ability to recover otherwise lost revenue.

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