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We are happy to announce that we have come out with a “QNOWLEDGE SERIES” featuring videos of Doctors and thought leaders from the HealthCare Domain. “QNOWLEDGE SERIES” is a Knowledge initiative from QWay Healthcare, Inc. The basic idea behind this series is the sharing of knowledge from the healthcare domain in one platform.Thought leaders from the Industry will throw light on the latest trends through this knowledge series. We are in the process of ringing in some really though-provoking leaders from the field of HealthCare.

If you are one who feels that you are a thought leader in the healthcare domain, we would like to hear from you. If you want to be part of the “QNOWLEDGE SERIES” or if you want to recommend someone, you can register yourself in the form given below. We will definitely go through the application and get back to you within 2 working days.


Fill in the form below to register for Qnowledge Series

    frequently asked questions


      QNOWLEDGE SERIES features videos of Doctors and thought leaders from the Health Care Domain who can help promote the general, physical, mental health and well-being of people around the world.

    • What will be the benefits of being a contributor?

      We will be promoting it in all social media channels and our website. You will help in improving the well being of the public and be considered as a thought leader in your domain. Since you will be tagged along with the post there is a higher possibility of getting more followers for you.

    • Who can be a contributor?

      If you want to be a contributor, kindly fill the form given above or mail to along with your profile and some of your sample contributions like blog posts, pod casts, webinars, etc.

    • What are the ways I can contribute to the forum?

      You can contribute in the form of article, pod cast, video, webinar or all of the types mentioned

    • Are there any fee to become a contributor?

      No, This initiative is purely for sharing of knowledge. So there will not be any charges.

    • Will I be getting any remuneration for my contribution?

      No, This initiative is purely for sharing of knowledge. So there will not be any remuneration for the contributor. However, as a contributor you will be able to reach out to more people through our promotions.

    • Can I send an existing video of mine for Qnowledge series?

      Yes, You can send it as long as it is related to health care sector and not for self promotion of you or your brand.

    • Will you come to our location to shoot the video?

      No, You have to shoot the video and share it with us. We will edit it to suit the purpose.

    • What is the maximum duration a video can have?

      A video can have duration between 3 to 15 minutes.

    • Can I share my Qnowledge Series video in my social circle?

      Yes, You can share it.

    • Should this video be only about general health care?

      Yes, it should be about general health care. If you want to share something specific to your expertise, you are more than welcome.

    • Who are the audience?

      Predominantly these videos will be shared to the people from the healthcare industry and to a certain extent to general public as well.

    • Can I share my links containing PDFs of my books/already published videos?

      Yes, as long as it is about the latest trends on health care and can create a positive impact on the well being of people.

    • Whom should I get in touch for more details?

      You can send an email with all your queries to We will be more than happy to assist you.


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