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Save your precious time spent on tedious credentialing and let our team of experts handle the rest. It is essential for healthcare professionals to stay in-network with multiple insurance companies, but it involves a significant load of paperwork.

Orca Cred, our best in class cloud system credentialing service and software, takes care of all critical paper work, online applications, and deadlines for you while you prioritize your patients’ needs, treatment options and expand your horizon in the field of medicine. Save your time and stay “in-network” with Orca Cred!


Take your Credentialing to the next level with Orca Cred


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Orca Cred simplifies the credentialing system for you and offers end to end support with complete transparency in service. Take a look at our top features to know more.

Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage provides relief from complicated provider management process by storing all your data safely in one place for further primary source verifications from retaining years of records, disseminated across healthcare organizations.

Automized Form-Filling

You need to upload all your documents only the first time. Once your profile is ready with all required data, applications from the forms repository are taken and the details are automatically deployed as per the provider’s profile easily.

Expiration Alerts

Orca Cred alerts you 30 to 45 days in advance regarding the expiration of any essential document, to ensure you have enough time to upload the necessary files. Weekly reminders will follow to keep you updated on any further notice.

Incognito Transference

Your safety is our top priority. That is the reason why we use facsimile for encrypting your sensitive documents shared over an email. Orca Cred is embedded with an encryption access so you can email the documents in a concealed way.

E-Signature Support

Orca Cred provides a hassle free feature to sign all your applications online. With our support, you can zip through an application online and sign it in a matter of minutes without having to scan, complete and return the application.

Easy Revalidation

You can easily avoid unnecessary chaos while processing the claims by submitting the revalidation application on time. Orca Cred provides you the re-credentialing date well in advance.