How Medical Billing Companies in the US benefit from outsourcing to India?

Medical Billing Companies in the US are outsourcing majority of their operations to India. This has been the trend for so many years. We can see this outsourcing trend to continue for some more years. But why should the US medical billing companies actually outsource their work?

Are there any specific reasons to do so? Or Is it the thumb rule for successful medical billing companies. Let us know the major reasons why they outsource their work to India.

Cost advantage

One of the main reasons for medical companies in the US to outsource is the cost advantage. To run the same set up in the US, medical companies have to spend a lot of money to create the infra structure, recruitment, training, and so on.

If the same thing is outsourced to India, the cost will come down by 50% easily. By doing so they can have more profits. This is what outsourcing can do to a US based medical company.


For any organization to grow, we need the right people and the right team. Every organization knows it, but getting the right talent is a bigger challenge. By outsourcing the work this challenge can be faced without difficulty.

When this aspect of your work is outsourced, it becomes the responsibility of the outsourced company to get the right talent. Since there are so many outsourcing companies in the market, the chosen outsourced company will make all the efforts to give the right candidate in order to retain the contract. So it is always beneficial for the medical companies in the US to outsource.

Language benefits

Another advantage of picking India over other countries is the language. In India, people speaking English language is greater than the number of people in the US and UK. It is because of the literate population in that country.

When compared to other countries, India has an advantage because of their English speaking skills. From the medical company perspective, it solves their problem of communicating with their clients.

Quality Service

Since the selection process of candidates are based on series of tests, the selected candidate from the outsourced company will be of the highest quality. Moreover, Indian education system trains people on various additional skills through private institutions to improve on their quality.

This apart, they also have standard set of procedures and process to maintain uniformity in their services. As a result, medical companies get quality service from their Indian offshore companies.

Infrastructure and Technology

Another reason for medical companies in the US, preferring India as their outsourcing destination is because of their continuous growth in the Infrastructure and technology. More and more IITs and technology universities have paved way for the growth of technology in that country.

Like China, India also adopts to newer technology faster. With the introduction of faster internet, world has become closer than ever. As a result downtime has come down drastically.

Government Stability

It is always better to do business with a country which is growing and stable. On the other hand, if you are doing a business which is unstable, then there is a high risk of business fortune. Unstable government will have policies and procedures which keeps on changing. As a result your business will suffer.

If you take India, it has always had a stable government and a growing economy. So it’s an obvious choice for medical companies to outsource their work to India.

Indian government has been aggressively encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs through their “Make in India” campaign. The government is also encouraging companies to get international projects to increase the employment rate.

It also provides subsidies for IT and IT related companies, which is helping the outsourced companies to keep their costs to the minimum.


Indian medical billing companies have huge exposure and experience in the US medical industry. They also regularly keep a check on the updates on the new policies of US.

Since the Indian companies are their in the business for more than a decade, they have lot of experience in terms of processes, support capabilities and so on.

Apart from that, they also give timely advice and suggestions to US medical companies on areas where they can innovate or improve. This creates a positive atmosphere and increases win win situation for both the companies.


Indian Medical companies are more reliable and are known for their work ethics. As they are more loyal, US medical companies rely on them for their outsourcing work. Since all the deals involve signing of a written agreement, it also makes it easier to work with outsourced companies.

This also makes the US counter part to function smoothly. They can focus more on their newer goals and newer territories.

Faster Expansion

As the company grows, it has to be ready to scale up faster. If a medical company in US wanted to expand, then the expense on real estate, infra structure, recruitment, operational expenses will be huge.

On the other hand, if they want to expand through outsourcing, they can do so immediately. This is because, the outsourced company will be more than happy to get new business.

So it motivates them to do the expansion faster. In fact, in some of the outsourcing contracts, the parent company explicitly states on the ready to expand.

The above mentioned points are some of the benefits for medical companies in the US to outsource their work to India. If you can find some more points interesting or missed out, do share it in our comments section. To know the pros and cons of inhouse and outsourced medical billing you can read the article here.

We will review and add it, if it fulfills our standard requirements. Keep reading this blog to know more about medical companies and the latest happenings in that Industry.

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