Why India is the Trusted Partner for Outsourced Medical Coding Companies

Outsourcing financial services to India is not a new concept in the American business market. The reports suggest that India has taken control of over 44% of the outsourcing business in the world within one decade. 80% of the companies in the USA and Europe trust India as their outsourcing partner. The trend is equally valid for the healthcare systems of the USA. With growing complications of medical billing and severe staff shortage, India serves as a trustworthy partner for outsourced medical coding companies.

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Though other countries like the Philippines and China are in close competition, India moves ahead with high marks regarding medical billing and coding services for the American healthcare systems. What are the reasons that companies are explicitly trusting India for outsourced medical coding companies? What are the qualities that give India an edge over the others when it comes to medical outsourcing? In this article, we will explore the different reasons why India rules the offshore medical billing and coding market and why it is a good choice for you to shift to their services.

1.Greater Savings:

  • Health systems often find themselves struggling while trying to keep up with the latest changes in the medical billing systems.
  • The health systems need to invest in a large comprehensive team of specialists, train them frequently to keep them updated, and upgrade their technology from time to time to get error-free claims.
  • This miscellaneous cost often affects the financial health of the organizations. But without the use of superior services, they are unable to process error-free claims.
  • Outsourced medical coding companies from India take care of the specific needs of each organization, from end-to-end revenue cycle management to specialized services.
  • This ensures that the health systems get the most out of the companies and keep their revenue cycle strong without investing a significant amount in the up-gradation of technology and staff training.

2.No Language Barrier:

  • India’s medical coding and billing companies hire professionals competent in the English language, giving it an edge over others.
  • The communication gap is one of the biggest hurdles when working with outsourced medical coding companies.
  • Proficient English speakers from the outsourcing team’s end help foster a good partnership and expedite the pace of the work.
  • The goals of the companies become aligned, thus eliminating any losses for the health systems.
  • Apart from this, India’s offshore specialized job professionals have gained experience in this field for more than a decade, making it easier to grasp the issues better.

3.Favorable Turn Around Time:

  • The turnaround time in the case of Indian medical coding companies is highly favorable to US companies.
  • The Indian operational outsourcing teams work in dedicated US shifts so that they are readily available during the office hours of their American counterparts.
  • The deliverables reach the healthcare systems on time, within 12 to 14 hours, rather than an entire day.
  • This helps the healthcare companies to file their claims and update their billing papers without any delay.
  • The geographical time zone offers India a great advantage when working with American companies, thus accelerating the rate of reimbursement filing.

4.Advanced Technology:

  • Leading outsourced medical coding companies in India invest a lot in advanced automation technology.
  • Sometimes they team up with leading software solutions in the market. But in other cases, they also tap into home-grown solutions.
  • This high-end tech support helps in boosting the robust medical billing system to a great extent.
  • This benefits the American healthcare system since it helps their billing system to work efficiently, but at the same time, reduces the amount of time taken.
  • The Indian companies also hold regular staff training programs to keep their professionals updated on the latest technology.
  • In some cases, the Indian revenue cycle management companies also conduct training programs for the in-house billing teams in the USA.

5.High Standards of Compliance:

  • Indian medical coding companies hold acceptable compliance measures as directed by federal laws.
  • Most of the leading companies hold HIPAA compliance, which protects the patient’s confidential medical records.
  • These certifications help the healthcare systems to evaluate the competence and security protocols of the medical coding companies.
  • Leading outsourced medical coding companies are also certified by ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standards.
  • Companies hold data security to high standards, thus further boosting the trust between outsourcing and outsourced companies.

6.Stable Government conditions:

  • Unstable Government conditions can change the working conditions of the outsourcing industry in a negative way.
  • Most companies are looking to outsource their medical coding services search for companies that can provide them with unrestricted service.
  • However, despite having good services, some countries experience unstable Government conditions, which lead to changing working policies.
  • India has consistently maintained stable Governments and favorable offshore working policies, making it easier for American companies to sustain long-lasting partnerships.

How to choose stable Outsourced Medical Coding Companies:

  • Look for companies who have years of experience in this field. That way, you can be sure that they are capable of handling different health systems and specializations.
  • Properly evaluate their compliance certificates. Leading companies always maintain the highest standards concerning data security.
  • Make sure you ask them about their staff training programs to know how they keep themselves updated with the latest developments.
  • Ask for client testimonials. Client reviews are an excellent way to check out how they have fared in real-life examples.
  • Depending on the type of organization, whether multispecialty hospital chain or independent single-specialty clinic, your needs will differ when it comes to medical billing and coding. Know if they have had experience with any such setup before.
  • Having expertise in different specialties is another excellent quality of a leading medical coding company since it covers all the bases.

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