top 5 state rankings of women and child healthcare

Health of Women and Children Report in US

America’s Health Rankings’ purpose is to create widespread awareness of where states stand on important public health measures. To achieve this, comprehensive data are necessary to assess the current health of populations across the nation.

The 2019 America’s Health Rankings Health of Women and Children Report provides a state-by-state comparison of the health of women, infants and children. The report combines various health-related measures across categories of health determinants and health outcomes using a wealth of reputable data sources.

State Rankings

The health of women and children across states

Top 50 states

The healthiest states for women, infants and children are in the Northeast, West and Midwest. The states with the most health challenges are concentrated in the South, with the exception of Nevada.

  • The top five states are Northeastern states.
  • Four of the bottom five states are Southern states.

top 5 state rankings of women and children in USThe states are ranked according to a calculated score (see Methodology page 165), with the U.S. score set at zero.

You can download the detailed report here

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