5 Things to Know about Healthcare BPO Services

Healthcare BPO services are on the rise in the market because of their top notch performance and resource utilization skills. A large number of healthcare organizations depend on these BPO services for a range of jobs. It all depends on the size of the organization and the facility specific goals. The BPO services are highly diverse in their delivery mechanisms and this is the reason they are preferred by many.

However, if you are still not convinced about the outreach of the medical BPO industry or would like to know more about it before committing to it, there are certain points that might help you. Here is a list of points that outline the basics of healthcare BPO services. Read on to know what you can expect from them and how they are going to be useful to your organization.

1.Shifting from Reactive to Proactive Approach:

The healthcare industry is a highly complicated field. There are a number of stakeholders and customers at stake when it comes to the functioning of the entire system. Apart from the core healthcare services like patient treatment, there are several other administrative jobs that need to be done with utmost diligence. In most cases the organizations wait for the customers to come with their issues so that they can be resolved. This is the traditional reactive approach that has been followed for many years.

In a proactive approach, the healthcare services should be designed to be more customer-centric. With the help of healthcare BPO services, the outsourcing companies provide the organizations with expert teams of professionals. They provide required solutions to the anticipated issues beforehand so that the customer has a more seamless experience. This approach is mainly seen in the case of administrative non-core work.

2.Which jobs comprise the healthcare BPO services?

As mentioned earlier, the healthcare BPO services are extremely diverse in nature. In case of administrative non-core healthcare jobs, most companies offer the following services. They can be customized according to the contract. Make sure that you know which kind of service you are in need of. Here is a list to help you out.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Physician Referral Process
  • Medical Billing
  • Customer Retention and Outreach
  • Insurance Claim Processing
  • Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Enrollment Support
  • Credentialing Services for physicians
  • Back Office Support
  • Patient surveys for customer success plans
  • Collection services
  • Assisting in Dental Service Claim Processing

The list is definitely not exhaustive in nature. But these are some of the most common ones that you will find in the healthcare BPO services industry.

3.What are the advantages of outsourcing the revenue cycle management to healthcare BPO services?

Revenue cycle management is one of the most in demand outsourcing services among the healthcare BPO services. The realization of revenue in most of the healthcare services is highly complicated. Without proper assistance in billing and coding, the revenue reimbursements become unnecessarily late for the physicians and ultimately for the healthcare organizations. These BPO companies mostly use advanced technological tools like automation software to make sure that the process is smoother and easier. Error spotting and rectification becomes faster with the help of these software solutions.

This is also applicable in the case of health insurance portability and accountability rules. These rules keep on changing frequently and it becomes very difficult for the organization to stay up to date on the same. With one small mistake in this case, the organization can face unwanted penalties from the authorities. All these adversely affects the revenue generation of the company. You can keep all these unnecessary cash flows in check with the help of these services.

4.Is the sensitive information safe with healthcare BPO services?

They have specific systems in place to take care of the sensitive data as it pertains to the patient information. They usually have security protocols mentioned on their web portals if you want to get a preliminary idea about how they function. However, if you want to shortlist a few based on certain criteria, make sure that security features are your top priorities. The most important condition here is that they should not share any kind of sensitive information with an unauthorized third party without the prior permission of their clients.

Healthcare exchange navigation should be done with the help of proper secured systems. Make sure that their security features match with your healthcare organization’s bylaws. If the company is HIPAA compliant then it automatically speaks for its security measures. The Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA has been formulated by the governing authorities with the very goal of protecting the hacking of sensitive healthcare information of patient. The companies dealing with Protected Health Information or PHI automatically have an elevated security protocol to remain HIPAA compliant.

5.How can you choose the best healthcare BPO services?

It is important to understand which services you really need to improve the functioning of your organization. Hence before zeroing in on a deal with a particular company, you should look for some check points.

  • If your needs are limited, or arrested to a few areas, ask whether the companies offer tailor made plans. Some companies only offer limited packages. So it is best to inquire about it in the first place.
  • If you want to get an end to end assistance, then check whether the company offers all the solutions in a single place. It is very difficult for the staff members to go on searching for different vendors for separate problems in the single organization.
  • If you feel your needs are complex, see to it that the company is experienced enough to deal with these issues. The more number of clients they have, the more diversified their experience will be.
  • Make sure that they provide you with 24/7 assistance because that will ensure that the clients are served according to their convenience. All these measures will help in building customer loyalty, which will ultimately contribute to the scaling of the business.

Hope this blog gave you a good idea about the healthcare BPO services. For suggestions, shoot your questions below and we will try to answer if relevant to the topic. For more queries and updates on healthcare services and technology, please subscribe to our blog. Do not forget to subscribe to our social media handles to get regular updates!


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